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YEOU CHENG precision hand tools and hardware parts are produced in our well planned manufacturing facilities. In order to manufacture parts that provide the correct specifications, consistent quality level and high production capacity, much capital and efforts have been invested in fully automatic machining equipment in recent years, which enable us to upgrade productivity and lower labor requirements. All of which translates into upgraded levels of production of high quality products at a cost saving price for you. With our outstanding manufacturing capabilities, we can produce the parts according to your drawings.


At YEOU CHENG, we have set up a comprehensive quality control system for rigorous quality control throughout the manufacturing process. In addition to in-process inspection, our quality control department is also equipped to inspect the tools and hardware to fully meet customer's specifications.


YEOU CHENG always maintain a proper stock for the most popular items for Immediate shipment. The catalog represents only a part of our wide range of products. Please contact us for more products available from YEOU CHENG.